Saturday, October 17, 2009


this kid come to me and ask, "kakk ade lgu im yours x? amri nk dgr.." n i said, "ade amri, meh cni kakk bkk kn.."..then he keep replay that song so many times.. again and again n again..

this early morning we went to rumah aman for our community first thought was there are many of them and of course they such a quite kiddos~ But, i was wrong as there are only 30 of them. Eventhough its kinda little no of them, but they just too active..! of course lar agak kecoh xterkawal~ first thing we do this morning was some ice breaking so that we all can know each other. It looks like they are very welcome our team to be there but few of them still not in the mood. I guess maybe its still early..bkn bdk2 je cm2, sometimes elder pn sme jgk~..i was the fasilitator for group 2 which the kiddos named their group "optimus" cgt bsmgt! then next session was coloring contest..zaidi asked me,"kakk, ptndingn mlukis xde ke? xbesh lar color2 ni"..huhu..i don't know how to tackle this kid but i pretty reply 2 him,"hr ni kte ade ptndingn mwarna je, len kali kakk dtg kte bt ptndingn mlukis plak.." hrp tu mmbantu..even xske mwarna pn, he got 2nd place! tahniah zaidi~ after few more activities we catch some food and take a rest before we's a gift time! yeayy!!wlaupn cket n xmhl, skurg2ny kami myumbang..rezki halal ptt dkogsi bsme..rezki yg blm tntu halal 2, stkt show off bly lar~ sume da dpt adiah msg2, it's pic time!! yeayy one more time!! haha, surely i look old sbb didnt wear spec..xpela..xde spe ksah pn kn??kn?? then, mse utk pulg..cdey plak nk blk pdhal pg td dtg pn smata2 sbb projek~ mmg agk pnt lyn dorg but it doesn't matter as long as the kiddos enjoy spending time with, we salam each other before blk..n amri came to me n said, "kakk, im yours.." waaaa..tharuny..bcoz he loves the song aite?? rse nk plok2 dye td tp malu lar my friends time kakk dtg sne lg oke? we packed our things and take some more pictures outside..before i entered the car, waqi loudly said, "bye kak yana!!" heyy, he called my named!!..n i said to him, "bye waqi, blaja rjin2 taO!!"..then ktorg pn grk g lunch kt tasik..da3..xlrt nk mrapu, moral of the story?? korg pk lar sndri..!

p/s: hrp mse dpn adeq2 ni tjamin~ SELAMAT MAJU JAYA!! kakk cyg adeq2..


faizedz said...

hrp dorg dpt jumpa org yg boleh hlgkan sunyi dorg

yana leiya said...

hope so..

syeerakhalid said...

huhu ak da phm ap yg ko mksdkn ar2..

yana leiya said...

apakah syeera?