Monday, July 26, 2010

is true love worth the wait ??

i heard how people around me lost their faith in finding true love. it's not that easy to find the right one. as for myself, i believe in love. in life, few things are as hard to navigate as relationship. you might fall for the wrong person before you meet the right one. when you do find the right person,it's easy to think it's happy ever after time.

and myself, i've been waiting at least for three and a half years before this person turn up and said "i love you too". it was a feeling that i denied when i first saw him back to years ago. i'm sure that he will never fall for me because i know who i am. i'm not a pretty girl that can catch everyone's eye.

i fall for others but it seems like they just not meant for me. i keep waiting and hope that one day i'll found the right one. god heard me. the person that i fall for start to acknowledge me. and over a year ago, we both become a good friend.

but today, at this moment we both no longer a good friend. but he become mine. we both become lover. the price that i pay is worth. i'm worth waiting for this person so called FAROL AMRI.

thank you dear LOVE as you make my dream come true. true love worth the wait. not only for three hours waiting at the first date. but i'll wait for my entire life time. i love you.


annaida farhan said...

sweet! damn sweet.. may Allah bless both of u kakak!

yana leiya said...

i'allah. no matter what, i love him so much