Monday, August 30, 2010

dream S W E E T dream !

a call wake me up that very morning..

"syg, im sorry.. i can't make it..i've to go to kk this time maybe?"

"it's ok B. your work is your current prior.. i'm so ok with that. so, is that ok if i go back to Kuantan tomorrow since you are not coming back?"

"how long you'll be there?"

"along the weekend.."

"ok syg..take a good care.."

after 2 hours drive, i safely arrived Kuantan and i first went to maklong's house. we're having lunch together with more other relatives. suddenly, i receive a call from maklang and she said that fariz had an accident. poor fariz. and she ask me to get back to nilai immediately.

i take a move from Kuantan around 4pm and arrived nilai before maghrib. i went to maklang's house and suprisingly maktok also was there. how can she be there that fast ? i wonder if something is just not right. then maklang ask me to change. i asked, "change what?"..maklang said, "go upstairs and just put on that cloth, hurry up..people is waiting.."

"eh? where actually we are going? "

"dont ask.."

"maktok, nk pkai bju mana ni? awat yg kelam kabut ni? ada apa?

"malam ni yana nk btunang kn? cepat siap. depa suma da tunggu kt umh mama.."

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?? tunang ?? how come i know nothing ??
i tried to reach him but he's not in connection. aduh, what is this all about ?? i'll ask mama later.

the very first person i saw at my house was abg adi, B's brother. (as today was his birthday, happy birthday to you..) then i walked inside the house look for mama everywhere. then mama came to me and said, "you look very nice princess..quick and don't ask anything until everything is settled."

then i just follow whatever i've been asked to do. so for now, i'm half way belongs to him. sadly, he won't around. after the ceremony, i asked mama who's idea was this. mama turn quite and i asked maklang where's fariz ? timing is just pretty right as fariz appear at the front door with him. after all, fariz wasn't involve in any accident but he went to pick him up from airport.

as soon as i saw him, i loudly said, "omg ! u r here !", it was B's idea. what a surprise! haha.

after all, it was only a dream ! it really shows that i'm too much in love with you B ! i want to have a good life with you ! how i wish my dream will come true ! i love you.

p/s : B, sori i tk tau ap i mrapu. just read as u ask 4 it !

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