Sunday, August 8, 2010

tiring weekend !

it was very tiring. yes it really was. especially for yesterday's event. whole day being under the hot sun. urgghhhh!! there goes my skin. it's all burn up!! plus my eyes also went red in color. hahahahaa. but i guess i still enjoyed the day. to meet other student from other universities, it was a bless. make new friends not only with the local but also with the foreigner. they are quite nice but a bit harsh. just beware. hahahaaa. i'm just to tired. i wish LOVE is here to comfort me. hurmm. how i wish that. nothing that i can do. you are there keeping yourself busy with your works. and i do understand that. hurmm. no matter how tired myself was, you are never out of my mind. no more energy left, so no more words can come out. hahaaa. better to stop here before im bluffing for nothing.

p/s : F A R O L A M R I, i love you with all my heart !!

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