Wednesday, August 11, 2010

when it's mom and daughter's talk

after a month not seeing each other, mama take me with her off to nilai as she have some interview there. so, i skipped from class again as usual. hahaaaa. all the way to nilai, mama start asking me about him.

"how serious are you with farol ?"

it makes me think for a while. are we both really going serious ? and how serious was it ? how far can we go then ? she really makes me think. and i guess i never ask him to this extend because i just too much in love with him. and yet, i shared with her whatever problem that me and farol currently facing. and mama just reply,

"but you love him so much right ?"

yes mama. i do really love him but under certain thing, we both can't really cope up with. too much quarrel, too much fight. is this normal to a couple like us ? sometimes i'm getting tired, getting enough with everything. but what i have for him is just too strong. i can easily cool down and forgive him instead of dragging those matter until for the next couple of days. that's me. i don't keep grudge. or else it will kill me inside.

dear farol, can you see how much do i love you ? can you see how do mama support us into this relation ? please don't break my heart. i'm giving you love, not poison. hear me sometimes. can you ? will you ?

actually there's much more talk between me and my mom. that was so too romantic to say it out here. haha. i'll keep it to myself then. fyi, my mom is my best buddy. ever.

"i love you mama and thanks for your support !"

p/s: i love you to farol amri. you are never to left behind. ;pp

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