Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my cookies yummy !

like a recent years, i do my own cookies for the loves one. and this year perhaps there's quite a different as i used my own recipe and not my ex's mom recipe anymore. this one really come from me and it taste nice ! for my very first time to give it a try and i know there's still a lot to improve but still, i love my cookies.

actually, this one farol ask me to do it so badly. sayang punya pasal, i do it for him. plus delivery to his mom's house lagi. luckly it was just near to my house. kalau tak jangan harap lah. come and pick up by yourself.

at first, i don't have any idea to name my cookies. so, i think "almond cornflakes cookies" would best suit this as the ingredient included almond as well. but later, farol said "i want to name this as cornflakes Leiya". hahahaaa. mana-mana lah.

so here i present to you my cookies yummy !

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