Thursday, February 17, 2011

after a while, now i'm back

peeps !

i'm back yaw ! for a while since the final proposal are all settled ! it's a relief lah i can say. since november until now, you guys can't imagine what i have been through. can't wait to complete my study. its a high time already for me and i guess, so do you ! then, let's walk on my stories !


company : sunway carnival mall management
location : seberang jaya, penang

my prior work ?? i don't have any. i do everything. whatever been assigned then i just complete it. but most of my work related to customer service and marketing. working in mall management i believe is a new environment which i think good for myself to build up my self-confidence. plus, hari-hari boleh window shopping ! hahaha. that's the most beautiful part lah kan ?? i love with what i'm doing now and kalau dorang offer aku kerja, i guess i'll join them. at least for an experience. nowadays, minta keje mane pun mesti nak kene ade experience. so, why not kan ?? eventhough it look like a monotonous work, but i enjoyed myself doing it. they said, i'm such an independent girl. ya lah, i'm the only malay intern ever work with this chinese company. hahaha. campak lah kat mane pun, still boleh hidup.

alaaaa.. getting bored with my own story ! can you get me anything fresher ???

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