Thursday, February 17, 2011

~ I.M.Y.S.M ~

i miss you so much my dear ! even thousand words are not enough to describe ! da dekat 4bln kite tak jumpa. anyhow thanks to MAXIS as it keep us connected. wonder how do i turn up if there's no access between us. i go crazy lah kan ?? then kite tak leh kawin sebab pompuan gile tak layak dikahwini. hahahaaa. meraban je keje i. i wish you are here in real ! i miss you damn much. macam mane u rindu tgk gelagat i, mcm tu lah i rindu nk tgk kerut kt dahi u. tak sabar tunggu u balik. however, as i always told you. DISTANCES CAN NEVER SEPARATE US. i don't have any reason why should i leave you as you are the best of my life ! thanks for being there. no matter where you are, what you do, may Allah together be with you. i sayang u.

p/s : b, i rindu nak gado2 lah ! ;ppppp

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