Sunday, February 20, 2011

my cute cupies !!

i adore the beauty, i fall for the smell..ouh my little cupies !

hahaha. rse puas sgt bile dpt wt cupcake sndri. all this while asek wt cookies n muffin je. so, i give myself a try utk wt cupcake. lgpn aku mmg ske mkn cupcake and all the sweet things. heaven on earth ! nak tgk tak ?

cute isn't it ?? hey, the smell also nice tau. i like. the cake itself pn not too sweet. tetibe rse mcm bgga dgn dri sendiri. hehehe. ya lah, first time buat da puas hati except icing dye yg comot2 tu lah (thanks kak ngah for the comment ! ;p). but the nice part is that, few friends da start order. hahaha. mcm tak percaya. anyhow, i'll try my best ok. thank to yanie, jas n few others as they trust in me ! thanks for ur support. da smpai mse nt, i think i wanna make this as a serious business. keep on supporting me guys and dolls !

here got some pictures for you !

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