Tuesday, March 1, 2011

kerja ??

zaman sekarang orang cakap susah nak cari kerja. pada aku, itu satu pemikiran kolot. ya lah. melambak kerja kat luar sana tuh. but you people never try to look up for it. some more, sikap yang terlalu memilih tuh. hey, that attitude will never lead you to become a better person. just grab any offer and go for it. at least for an experience. yes, and those experiences are actually to lead you to become a better person and a better worker. kalau selak-selak newspaper pun, you'll find that every job advertisement required working experience minimum 1-2 years. don't believe me ?? pergi lah baca surat khabar sendiri. unless if a position for trainee which usually being offered for those are fresh graduated. haha. malas nak ulas lagi. masing-masing dah besar panjang. tak kan makan pun orang nak suap lagi ??

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