Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i'm smiling again ! ;ppp

actually, it takes a month for me to become this positive. i start to put my anger aside just for the sake of us, for the sake of other related people. i know i'm a kind of soft hearted person. easy to forgive and easy to accept but it doesn't mean that people can take me for granted. i know the risk of being with you and i'm totally not a risk taker. but alhamdulillah, people around me keep on being very supportive. thanks everyone !

farol amri, this is not a second chance. but this is our first step into a more serious relationship. i wish one happy ending. it's not gonna be a fairytale as we will work hard for it. i love this relationship, i love all the related people, and i love you my dear. no matter what happened, take it as a part of life. a part of growing. a part of knowing each other and a part of being mature.

again, i love you so much and such hurricanes won't take anything away from us. ;ppp

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salmie azuewa said...

Hey,,. kte lalui bnde yg same.. i harap kite dapat bersabar n bertahan ok.. ;) pertahankan cinta kite.. chewah.. hahahaha .. jgn dgr ckp owg len.. ikot ape hati kite nak. itu agy penting k. i doakan u akn sentiase hepi n bahagia ngn Farol Amri yg sengal tu.. hehe =)