Monday, June 6, 2011

the not "F" of Leiya !

I've found that my days come as bored as I’ve nothing to do at the moment. I'm officially JOBLESS and yet really cracking my head to look over a job. I wonder what I should do for today and then, I came to figure out few not ‘F' words that best to describe me. Why F? Hahaha. Tell you later!

I'm not Fashionable! Exactly! I'm not a kind of person that considering fashion to be important. I wear whatever that suits me, that I’m comfort with, and what I think is nice. And I don't care whatever shits that came out from people's mouth.

I'm not Fussy! I'm not a creature that too particular about those small little things and I’m easy to please. People don’t have to pay me a lot of attention as I don't strongly complain.

I'm not Feminine! How do I explain this? Hahaha. I don't really act like a girl. I'm quite protective to myself and people that really closed to me. Since childhood, I don't really make friend with girls. There are only few of them and most of them are married. Me? Still long to go. ;ppp


I'm not a Flirt! I'm a loyalist. Hahaha. Furthermore, I’m not a good looking or an adorable soul to flirt with others. It's enough for me with what I have now. Everything is just for him and him only!

So, what F am I??

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